Ile Ado was founded on Ado mountain by a Prince of Alaafin Oluaso of Oyo named Obakoyi around 1500AD, after over 300 years, Ile Ado got almagamated with another settlement called AWAYE in 1864AD and the w settlements adopted a common identity now called Ado Awaye.

Ado mountain, the initial settlement of Ado people house Iyake Suspended Lake, the only natural suspended lake in the world besides it’s artificial counterpart, the Colorado hanging lake in US. The Ado mountain also house other uncommon wonders including Elephant Tree, Ladebo Cave, Feets of Elders, Ishage Bolder, Iyaalaro Lake, Verge of Death and a host of others.

Alado Obakoyi and the founder of Ile Ado town was a step brother to Alaafin Onigbogi who gained the chanced to Alaafinate in his stead. He is also the Ifa Lord to Alaafin and the ancient Oyo empire as the locals will always say, “ki e to wuye fun Alaafin, e ko gbo oun ti Alado fe wi” (before you enthrone an Alaafin, consult Alado”.

The Alado’s who reigned on Ado mountain include: Obakoyi, Obadu, Obaniso, Oladunni, Makuledoye, Oyinlola, Sembe Olusosun and Olaogun who transcend to the present site, while the Alado’s at the present sites include: Akindele, Oyedokun, Ojeleye, Olakisokun and the incumbent His Royal Majesty, Asoludero, Oba Rev’d Ademola Folakanmi, Odubade I, who is the visioneer of Ado Awaye Tourism Heritage Development Initiative (ATHDI) and the Initiator of Iyake International Festival.

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